labeled Data Management


Our online benefits enrollment system offers direct carrier feeds to any insurance company in the United States. If we do not already have a carrier feed set up for your vendors, Web Benefits Design will ensure that a file feed is established for you.

In addition to carrier feeds, our system is capable of directly feeding almost any payroll system. Our technology experts are extremely talented, informed and flexible. Web Benefits Design also understands the sense of urgency and importance of accurate, timely payroll data.

File feeds are customized for each individual Web Benefits Design client, and a Web Benefits Design eligibility analyst is assigned to each customer to monitor and analyze the weekly data feeds.

Data Transmission – Payroll File Feeds

Web Benefits will work with each client to establish and transmit a weekly file feed in the client’s specific payroll format (which should be provided to Web Benefits as soon as possible upon contract ratification)

Web Benefits offers quarterly (or more often if necessary) full payroll file audits at no additional charge. We strongly recommend that our clients provide periodic, regularly scheduled payroll data exports so that we can complete these necessary audits to ensure all systems are in sync.

By effectively and accurately managing your eligibility data, daily transactions, open enrollment changes and data history, 95% of all other day-to-day benefit issues will likely resolve themselves. Web Benefits is quickly becoming the leading online enrollment provider as a result of our attention to detail and highly accurate data management capabilities.