Benefits Administration System


Our goal is to streamline the entire HR, benefits and payroll process so that it is as efficient and effortless as possible. Web Benefits Design’s benefits administration platform is designed with the “non-techie” user in mind — as a result, it is intuitive and easy-to-use for both employees and HR professionals. The Web Benefits Design benefits administration system combined with our ancillary services act as an extension of your HR department–a full-service benefits resource center.

Our benefits administration system offers the most comprehensive and easy-to-use administration portal with the following key components:

  • Customized reports and bills
  • Detailed employee history
  • Ability to pend, approve, or modify benefits on an employee-specific levels
  • Task-scheduling
  • Create emails and send / track as part of employee’s record
  • Create email templates for frequent events
  • Attach documentation to employee’s records (claim disputes, dependent verification, employer notices, EOI reminders)
  • Ability to run reports and send communications (for example, run report of all EE’s that have not enrolled and send group email)

Administration – Monthly Billing and Financials

Many companies have a need for billing assistance. Our system offers customized report and billing services including:

  • Bills by division, cost center or other category
  • Bills by carrier (summary, list bill and self-bill)
  • Detailed list bills to support HR information needs
  • Carrier billing coordination
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual summaries
  • Enrollment, budget and financial reports upon demand

Communications Module

Our benefits administration system offers an extraordinarily robust communications module that allows clients to easily track all employee transactions and correspondence on an individual or categorical basis. For example, the communication module allows you to easily complete the following tasks – which will be permanently attached to an employee’s record:

  • Create email templates
  • Call center notes
  • Transactional history
  • COBRA correspondence
  • Open enrollment notifications
  • Monitor EOI
  • New Hire Status
  • ……and more!