Variable Hours Tracking

Variable Hours TrackingWeb Benefits Design’s variable hours tracking capability integrates payroll data and time-tracking in order to monitor the eligibility of employers’ variable hours workforce.

The Web Benefits Design variable hours tracking and reporting tool is available all year via the HR-Access platform. The Web Benefits Design team will integrate current benefits and employee data to complete the data requirements necessary to track and report hours worked for clients variable hour or part-time workforce. Our robust tracking tool provides new hire and ongoing measurement capabilities. Furthermore, upon eligibility status changes, Web Benefits Design will communicate to employees and track benefits offer date, acceptance date, and or waiver date to ensure employers are in compliance with ACA regulations. All variable tracking hours reports can be accessed by HR administrators and exported in Excel or CSV.

Web Benefits Design’s variable hours tracking tool includes the following administration:

  • Web Benefits Design will communicate and manage automatic default enrollment and/or default waivers based on employee status and employer-specific benefits options for new hires.
  • Web Benefits design will communicate and manage termination concurrent with our integrated COBRA administration services for terminated employees.
  • Reporting for ongoing hours worked and employee statuses is available as “current YTD,” “point-in-time,” or “previous plan year.”
  • Web Benefits Design will provide full Call Center support and call-center tracking for all employees regarding their benefits and eligibility status.