Online Enrollment

oe-tilesWith our proprietary online enrollment system, Web Benefits Design will take you one step closer to completely automating your employee benefits program. The WBD online enrollment solution offers single-source employee benefits administration. The online enrollment system is integrated with the benefits website and configured to accommodate user-permissions and employee-specific benefit configuration logic as per client specifications. The benefit administration system provides carrier feeds, payroll connectivity, standard and custom reports, client-specific bills, communications templates, benefit confirmation statements and many other capabilities to help employers streamline and simply administration.

Our enrollment workflow has been designed to accommodate the most novice of users, guiding them through the process in a simple, user-friendly, straightforward interface that is customized for each client. The interface only displays information that pertains to the specific employee. Plus, employees are educated about their benefits options as they are guided through the enrollment process so they are able to make knowledgeable decisions about their benefits elections.

Our online enrollment system is highly effective for open enrollment and/or year-round eligibility transactions and qualifying events (new hires, life status changes, terminations, etc.). Our cutting edge online enrollment system also offers the following features:

  • Rapid set up and implementation – the fastest in the industry
  • Reporting and billing services
  • Customization for client-specific dynamics
  • Multiple log in levels for different types of administrators, including single sign-on capabilities
  • Administrative portal that is intuitive and easy to use
  • Carrier and payroll feeds
  • Employee portal to empower employees with up-to-date benefit and enrollment information
  • Technical support and enrollment assistance
  • Benefits confirmation statements for all enrollment transactions

Our system is the best in the industry and is highly customizable to fit our clients’ needs. Consistent with our full-service business model, the WBD team is responsible for the configuration, maintenance and updates of the benefit administration system.