Custom Reports and Billing

crab-tilesThe Web Benefits Design system offers an ad hoc reporting module that gives users the ability to create, save, and schedule an infinite amount of fully customizable reports. We offer a user friendly guided tool that enables our clients to build custom queries, specify output fields (with access to every data field within the database), label, save, and schedule as part of our standard system offering; there is no additional charge. Plus, we have a number of standard reports ready to be run by HR in order to have the most up-to-date information about employee benefits elections, pending tasks, and much more.

The Web Benefits Design’s seamless billing feature automatically generates a list bill and a self-bill for the client and all carriers.

For employers that have extensive custom reporting needs beyond the system’s standard and custom report capabilities, WBD offers a signature service whereby a dedicated WBD report analyst will customize reports for bills, budget, financial tracking, open enrollment activities, eligibility audits or other client needs. Reports will be generated and emailed to designated client contact within 2 business days of request or less. Reports can also be set up to automatically generate and be emailed to client on a regularly scheduled basis. Your WBD report analyst is essentially your “on-call” report specialist for any and all “on-demand” reporting needs.