Discrepancy Report Management

drm-tilesWeb Benefit Design’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) department is responsible for ensuring the proper transmission of each EDI file that is sent. WBD’s EDI department also handles the discrepancy reports for each client.

Web Benefits Design sends weekly full file feeds to all carriers and payroll systems. A series of data validation checks and balances are instituted upon each data load to preserve the accuracy and integrity of the existing data. All carrier feeds are full files, which constitutes a “full audit” on a weekly basis to ensure the systems remain in sync.

Imports received from the carrier can include discrepancy reports calling attention to any details that are different from their data, such as eligibility dates. Discrepancies can be managed by the group directly, or, for a minimal fee, handled through our EDI department. A dedicated EDI analyst will be assigned to each client. Discrepancy reports are sent in a carrier specific format for research and response utilizing their companion guide. Web Benefits Design will research and correct as many issues as possible by making changes to the eligibility data within the enrollment system. Any changes made will be sent to the carrier in the next scheduled EDI file. A list of any unresolvable discrepancies is sent to the group for resolution. Once the group makes a determination, the data is either corrected in the enrollment system or sent back to the carrier with a request to adjust their records to reflect the correct information.