Dependent Documentation Management

Dependent Documentation

ddm-tilesWeb Benefits Design offers a thorough Dependent verification and tracking process that documents all employee communication and transactions and will attach Dependent documentation to individual employee’s records.

Web Benefits Design will customized the system for “pend” dependents including spouses, domestic partners, children and legal dependents. WBD auto approves the new hire employee elections and pends the elections for dependents. WBD will send an email to the employee requesting documentation applicable to the type of dependent the employee wants to add to coverage. WBD will continue to follow up with employees via emails and outbound phone calls until appropriate documentation is received and validated. Dependent documentation can be provided by the employee through the enrollment system, by the HR contact via HR Access, or sent directly to WBD and uploaded internally. Once approved, WBD will send over the dependent information and effective date to the carriers on the next EDI file. WBD will also transmit the payroll deduction updates on the next payroll file. WBD will handle all employee communications and correspondence, and record all information in the HR Access WBD administration portal.

Dependent Age Management

The WBD system allows clients to run reports and schedule reports showing dependent age information. For clients that need the extra assistance (short staffed or complicated rules that differ by product), the WBD team will assume responsibility for monitoring upcoming dependent “age-outs” in accordance with client eligibility rules, which includes:

  1. WBD will notify the employee of the upcoming benefit changes and advise them of their rights, options, and any payroll deduction effect.
  2. WBD will proactively terminate the benefit with the appropriate effective date in accordance with the client’s eligibility and termination rules.
  3. WBD will process COBRA packets in a timely manner and then document the appropriate employee correspondence for client record-keeping purposes.
  4. WBD will also notify HR and payroll, and transmit updated payroll deduction information on the regularly scheduled weekly payroll file.