WBD retains the services of an outside legal firm to interpret and inform our staff as to legislative changes, compliance initiatives, regulatory reform, industry trends, governmental regulations, and other important industry dynamics that affect our business and the benefits our clients offer to their employees.
We have a dedicated resource in-house that manages these resources and continuously updates the information on our client websites. When information is updated, the system users will receive emails informing them of what text, content, and/or documents have been updated. If the client wishes to re-write or modify the site content, the client can simply email our updates department, and we are happy to accommodate requests. The client can request any document, update, or other communication be posted to their website. We do not charge for any website change fees or upgrades as a result of legislative changes.

We administer all aspects of COBRA Benefits in-house, including all phases from initial notification of eligibility to qualifying events through termination or exhaustion of benefits.
Web Benefits Design ensures complete compliance with applicable COBRA and HIPAA Laws. We have numerous internal and external resources at our fingertips to ensure we are up to date with any applicable changes in regulation. We offer one-on-one assistance to COBRA participants through our dedicated 800-number and process payments, enrollment, and qualifying events with a personal touch.

WBD provides a full suite of ACA reporting and compliance tools to help employers manage the Section 6055 and 6056 reporting requirements.

WBD’s online enrollment solution offers single source employee enrollment in multiple products across multiple carriers. Data from our system is transmitted to payroll systems and carrier eligibility systems for complete benefits administration management. Since inception, our online enrollment system has continuously evolved with significant investment in technology infrastructure; configuration capabilities; flexibility; reporting; historical tracking; reports; and expanded services capabilities. Today, our system is branded as the WBD Total Access Exchange, which encompasses a highly complex, efficient, and integrated technology, administration, compliance, and communication platform written on a unified codebase.