The Employee Experience


In the complex and rapidly changing world of health insurance and HR benefits, the burden of benefits selection has largely shifted to consumers. Making informed decisions about crucial coverage means having the right tools — online tools that streamline the whole process by being intuitive and easy-to-use. From concept to completion, we’ve designed our software with the consumer experience in mind, and we’re committed to the following user-focused principles.

  • FOCUS ON THE USER: Our products have a real impact on our customers’ personal and professional lives; it is our responsibility to understand their needs and keep a user-centered focus in everything we make.
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE (especially when it’s not): Eliminate the unnecessary, present the user with obvious paths to their goals, and avoid insurance-speak. Create clear and considered solutions that address the user’s needs, not the underlying data or conceptual complexity.
  • DESIGN WITH INTENT: All of our products should be based on a design that is purposeful, unobtrusive, elegant and embedded with fundamental best practices derived from 15+ years’ experience providing enrollment and technology solutions.
  • BE PROACTIVE: Predict scenarios that might cause user confusion or frustration and proactively provide tools that will promote success, trust and confidence. Navigation, system feedback and labeling should be simple, clear and obvious.
  • ELIMINATE DUPLICITY: Users should never have to enter the same information twice. Re-use existing system data to enhance and automate user tasks wherever possible.
  • BUILD FOR CHANGE: Define all interactions within a flexible framework that is scalable and will accommodate growth, configuration and enhancement.
  • USE THE FAMILIAR: Our users spend most of their online time on other sites. Use the conventions and mental models of online shopping, social media and personal services to make their experience of shopping for insurance and benefits feel familiar and intuitive.
  • DESIGN, BUILD, TEST AND ITERATE: Needs, policies and technology will change. Test your assumptions after every release, take responsibility, and continue our company philosophy of platform enhancements through customer design requests.