The Broker Experience


With changes on the horizon, we believe brokers and consultants are needed now, more than ever, to guide clients through the increasingly complex world of benefits, exchanges and legislative mandates. Brokers are expected to do more than ever before, and recommend the best options and technology solutions available to manage employee benefits. Cost and quality are no longer the only consideration – delivery is the new focus!

While many of our competitors are focused on a one-size-fits all exchange with shelf products, Web Benefits is focused on customization for your uniqueness. WBD is geared towards the mid to large size employer that requires creative flexibility and the ability to change benefits and funding from one year to the next based on the rapid advancement and evolution of the healthcare delivery industry.

Web Benefits offers the highest quality system, fastest implementation and lowest cost in the industry!


When you recommend WBD, you need 100% confidence that we will deliver accuracy, professionalism and excellence that is reflective of your organization and proven track-record. We understand how important your reputation and client relationships are. You worked hard to earn their trust and confidence, and we will work just as hard to deliver on our promises.


The results will speak for themselves. We make you look good – time and time again!


Sit back and relax. Let us do the work for you. In a brief initial phone call, one of our data collection managers will gather benefit plan information, group numbers, contact information, and other basic information pertaining to your employee benefit offerings.

After the initial phone call our specialists are able to get started with the building of your website and benefits data collection and automation system. Our data management team will correspond with your insurance carriers to obtain the necessary information to build your site. At this point, your work is done and we take it from here. Your customized benefits website will be ready within a week!

For online enrollment setup, which is typically more involved, we can work through the broker or directly with the employer – or a combination of both. You drive the relationship and we will follow your lead! Either way, we promise to deliver amazing results quickly, efficiently, and without burdening you or your client!