Benefit Confirmation Statement


Personalized Benefits Confirmation Statements play an integral role in the communications strategy; these valuable summaries help employees understand and appreciate everything that is included as part of their total compensation package.

To have the greatest impact, benefit statements should be visually attractive, concise, well-written, accurate and personalized. Our Benefits Confirmation Statements are customized for your company and personalized for every employee.

Customized and Personalized

Benefits Confirmation Statements are available in print and online, these informative statements…

  • Begin with a message of your choice
  • Highlight each available benefit and service provided;
  • Note individual enrollment status, plan election and employee cost for each available benefit (can also include employer’s cost)
  • List available voluntary benefits and indicate enrollment status
  • Confine any benefits that apply to a specific group or executive benefits only on statements of employees eligible for those benefits
  • Available in Spanish (additional fee applies)

We highly recommend distributing Benefit Confirmation Statements before and after open enrollment. This will significantly decrease confusion, phone calls and administrative challenges during your annual open enrollment period.