New Hire Management

nhm-tilesThe Web Benefits Design system can effectively handle initial enrollment as a new hire and can accommodate complex logic regarding eligibility, waiting periods, benefit start dates that may differ by product, and EOI rules for voluntary life, voluntary STD, voluntary LTD and critical illness/cancer.

Web Benefits Design will generate weekly reports for new hires who are within their 30 day window to enroll. The Web Benefits Design benefits administration system can be customized to send out automatic new hire notifications reminding them of their benefits and eligibility rules. These messages can be customized by the client. WBD is responsible for ensuring that each member has been adequately notified of the enrollment opportunity.

Upon enrollment, WBD will email confirmation to the employee. If the employee is unresponsive, WBD will follow-up with an email, which includes their Benefit Confirmation Statement, and a “cc” to the HR contact. If the employer has a default medical option, WBD will administer accordingly.