Customized Communications

cc-tiles The Web Benefits Design Communications Module enables clients to communicate with their employees via email while documenting important benefit-related events and activities within the employee’s electronic benefit file. Throughout the Communications Module, administrators are able to:

  • Create custom communications to make outreach to employees notifying them of important events or to relay benefit information.
  • Run a report and send group emails. For example, run a report of all employees that have not yet enrolled during this year’s open enrollment, and send email to 500 of the 1200 employees who have not yet enrolled.
  • Send communications to a single employee, specific groups of employees, or company-wide.
  • Chronicle events and store important documents within the employee’s personal benefit file.
  • Designate specific activities for follow-up and have that action/message appear on the user’s dashboard.
  • Assign specific actions and tasks to other administrators using the system.

Through the Web Benefits Design communications module, clients are able to record actions taken and forward along to others on the team for follow-up. Our robust communications feature allows all members from the HR team to review and manage both historical and outstanding employee entries. Offering one access point eliminates the need for multiple administrators to search through dozens of mails looking for specific items. All documentation, calls, and email correspondence will be tracked and recorded for up to five (5) years. After five (5) years, communication history will be archived and available to all clients upon request.

Additionally, for clients that need additional assistance creating custom, printed materials, WBD offers access to our talented graphic design and marketing team that specialize in benefit communications. We offer customized benefits-at-a-glance, key tags, magnets, posters, flyers, brochures and other helpful printed materials that match the overall benefits “brand” created within the WBD suite of products. In addition, we can print and mail employee-specific communication including benefit confirmation statements, 1095C forms, EOI documents, marketplace exchange notifications, open enrollment communications and other benefit information that requires home-mailings