Call Center/Telephonic Enrollment

ccte-tilesWeb Benefits Design benefits hotline call center is a state-of-the-art facility with highly educated and trained benefit professionals to answer your employee calls. By providing a centralized solution for benefits support services, the benefits call center becomes a seamless extension of your Human Resources department. Our call center is staffed by talented professionals and provides the following key services:

  • Telephonic enrollment
  • Technical support for employees and HR
  • Benefits and eligibility questions
  • Plan comparison information
  • Benefits confirmation
  • Consumer advocacy
  • Password reset
  • COBRA member services
  • ACA support
  • Client-specific toll free numbers
  • Inbound and outbound phone calls

As soon as you become a Web Benefits Design client, we will establish your own client-specific, toll- free Employee Benefits Hotline in order to better service your employees. By outsourcing all member questions, claim issues, and benefit concerns to a team of qualified employee benefits specialists, your employees will be happier, more productive and will be more likely to utilize their benefits wisely. Your Employee Benefits Hotline will also reduce the time HR staff spends resolving customer service and claim related issues.

Your benefits hotline will be a customer-specific toll free number that is unique to you and your employees. When your employees call, the phone will be answered on the other end as “XYZ client benefits hotline…how may we help you?” Your employees will greatly enjoy the personal attention and customer service. The hotline will help them to feel special and appreciated.

Web Benefits Design will even provide wallet ID cards and key tags with your toll-free hotline number as well the Employee Benefits Website address.

Telephonic Enrollment

Web Benefits Design combines web and telephone enrollment to facilitate the eligibility process for your employees. Our online enrollment system supports new hires, open enrollment, and life status changes efficiently and effectively; providing service to your employees through a variety of clear channels. Web Benefits Design Benefits Hotline Professionals can assist navigation through the enrollment process, as well as assist callers with interpretation of their benefits options. Active employees, COBRA participants, retirees, dependents, and HR representatives are all users of this valuable resource.

Upon initial enrollment as a new hire, or upon a change as a result of a qualifying event, a benefits professional will email a benefit confirmation statement to each employee. Many enrollment events require additional steps such as:

  • Establishing a health savings account
  • Providing dependent documentation
  • Providing proof of the qualifying event
  • Completing an online health risk assessment
  • Submitting an evidence of insurability form
  • Completing internal company documents

In these events, your benefits hotline team will ensure that employees are properly notified of their responsibilities and the entire enrollment event is followed through to completion.


Dedicated, Talented, Knowledgeable Professionals.

Our high percentage first-call resolution success exceeds industry standards. Unlike other call centers, we do not gauge performance by call volume and number of calls taken per shift; we gauge performance by how well our advocates assist, engage, and educate employees. This means that our Benefits Hotline Professionals are working in the best interest of your employees – not their own personal agenda or quotas.

What’s more, when your employees speak with a Call Center Benefits Expert, they are speaking to a specialist in the benefits industry who has been trained to deal with your employees’ client-specific questions and demands. Our Call Center Representatives undergo a strict training program, which gives them the tools and knowledge to support clients and their employees efficiently and effectively. Some of our most common Call Center assistance regards:

  • Benefit questions
  • Basic and advanced assistance with claims resolution
  • Comparison of benefits
  • Helpful hints on where to access the lowest cost, value-based care
  • How to set up a health savings account
  • Explanation of HSA, HRA, FSA and how they coordinate with your benefits
  • Processing of challenging emergency and international claims
  • Education on where employees can find helpful tools to navigate their benefits