Beneficiary Management

bm-tilesThe Web Benefits Design employee enrollment/benefits administration system is extremely customizable when it comes to collecting, managing, and reporting on beneficiary information during open enrollment as well as throughout the year. Our system configuration allows us to make mandatory the primary, as well as the contingent beneficiaries depending upon the group’s preferences or any other client specifications.

We try to mirror the information requests on the life insurance carriers beneficiary form to ensure we capture all the information the carrier will need in order to pay a claim.

While the Web Benefits Design benefits administration system is automatically configured to collect beneficiary information and run beneficiary reports on demand. For clients that need the extra assistance, the WBD team will be responsible for ensuring that all employees have an updated and complete beneficiary record on file. This is useful when we take over from other systems and do not have complete information, or with high-turnover groups with low participation. We can help you reach employees that never access the enrollment system or do not enroll in contributory benefits. The WBD team will generate monthly reports for employees who are missing beneficiary information or who have not updated beneficiary information within the past 12 months. WBD will send emails and make outbound reminder phone calls to employees prompting them to update beneficiary records.