Open enrollment is one of the busiest times of the year for employers and employees. Many enrollment events are time-consuming and maybe confusing for employees, especially if they require additional steps or include new benefit offerings. This undermines the goal of offering comprehensive benefits packages to make employees healthier, happier, and more financially stable as employees are less likely to be engaged. Implementing effective open enrollment strategies is essential for preventing employee disengagement and increasing participation.

Online Enrollment

Some of the best strategies to ensure employees actively engage during open enrollment revolve around keeping employees informed and bridging technology and human interaction to simplify the enrollment process. Web Benefits Design recognizes these principles and offers employers solutions that utilize online and telephonic enrollment to facilitate employee benefits education, interaction, and enrollment.

A Single Access Point for All Your Benefit Needs

Our customized benefits websites create a single access point for all your benefits including medical; dental; prescription; vision; 401k; wellness program and employee incentives; and any other benefit your company offers. Clients’ employee benefits websites are accessible 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week 365-days-a-year and can be accessed by employees and spouses from any device with an internet connection. Also, our mobile-responsive websites make logging in easy for employees on the go.

Telephonic Enrollment Reduces Employee Stress

Telephonic Enrollment

Web Benefits Design’s Call Center / Benefits Hotline Professionals can assist employees through navigating their benefits. Call Center Benefits experts offer callers interpretations of their benefits, plan comparisons, and they can even perform telephonic enrollment. Employees receive a Benefit Confirmation Statement (BCS) subsequent to every transaction. In addition, our Call Center offers multi-lingual customer support for ESL employees and employees with technical barriers. By providing a centralized solution for benefits support services, our Call Center becomes a seamless extension of your Human Resources department.

Technology + Humans

Unlike other applications, Web Benefits Design offers joint technology-human interaction solutions that simplify open enrollment for employers and employees.

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