Preparing For The Season

In the employee benefits world, the most effective way to achieve open enrollment success is advanced preparation. We have all seen (and probably created) publicity related to open enrollment periods: benefit counselor meeting invites, posters placed in common employee areas, company website postings, and open enrollment email notifications. Yet, despite all the persuasive strategies, employees can still be disengaged, making open enrollment and employee benefits administration one of the most challenging aspects of Human Capital Management. Furthermore, employers must remain up-to date with any healthcare reform changes, ensure they comply, and inform their employees of the changes that impact them. To achieve “enrollment-motivation” from employees and gain a high participation rate, employers are required to perform an immense amount of work and preparation… 

open enrollment successPlanning Open Enrollment

While it is important to provide reminders to encourage employees to enroll, it is not the most reliable method to increasing employee benefit engagement. These thoughtful reminders do little to promote the value of an employer’s benefit program and total compensation package. If the goal of offering employees’ comprehensive benefits packages is to make them healthier, happier, and more financially stable, than employers must view open enrollment as an ongoing process, not just a once-a-year event. Employers must prepare in advance to ensure employees can easily access their benefits, are exposed to stimulating benefits information, and can enroll via a systematic process.

 Automated Open Enrollment

Online enrollment technology, such as Web Benefits Design’s robust, integrated benefits administration system, take the headache out of planning for open enrollment by providing easy, cost-effective online employee enrollment and Human Resources management solutions. Our detailed Benefit Confirmation Statements (BCSs) help employees find increased value in their benefit plans. It is a a solution that takes you one step closer to automating your employee open enrollment, communications, and benefits administration. Web Benefits Design’s benefits administration system helps you optimize your employee benefits program and enhances the employee and HR “open enrollment” experience.