What is COBRA?

COBRA is short for Consolidation Omnibus Budget Act, which mandates that employers continue to offer group health benefits to employees and their families who lose their health benefits due to certain causes such as voluntary or involuntary job loss, reduction in hours, transition between jobs, death, and other “qualifying events.”

How is COBRA administered by employers?

Cost, Risk, BenefitAdministering COBRA is a difficult task as it is an ever-evolving federal mandate that requires employers to remain up-to-date with healthcare legislation changes. By law, it is the company’s responsibility to not only keep themselves informed, but also update employees on any changes that could affect their coverage. In addition, employers should be providing support to COBRA eligible employees as they navigate a confusing, unfamiliar landscape while dealing with a period of emotional stress. Fortunately, COBRA can be administered by the employer or a third-party entity such as Web Benefits Design, providing companies with a means to alleviate stress with an easy, cost-effective alternative.

How can employers leverage benefits administration technology to streamline COBRA administration?

Web Benefits Design’s COBRA administration strives to take away the stress of liability and communications to employees while saving companies money, time, and administrative resources. We provide total COBRA outsourcing to clients. Web Benefits Design’s highly-trained staff handles all COBRA notifications, provides COBRA member support, and even collects premiums. The benefits administration platform automates the processing of COBRA packets within 48 hours of notification. Our staff of COBRA-certified professionals can also assist with eligibility questions, enrollment assistance, and issuing new ID cards. 

Learn more about our COBRA administration service or other compliance solutions, such as ACA compliance and reporting. Benefits experts are also available to answer any questions by calling (800) 779-8952, or emailing info@wbdcorp.com.

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